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Q:  What do I have to look like to be a model?

A:   You only have to look like you.  I have the philosophy that anyone who wants to model can model.
     You just have to find the right type of modeling that fits you.

Q:  Do I have to do nude modeling to get started?

A:  Of course not.  You should never have to model in any way that you are not fully comfortable with.
    It is very important to have good communication with the photographer before agreeing to do any
    shoot and understand what type(s) of modeling they are looking for.  

Q:  How much money can I expect to make when first starting?

A:  This is a very difficult question to answer.  I cannot put a figure on this because there are so many
    different opportunities out there.  But, when getting started, you should expect to work for a low
    amount or only for trade.  See the TFP page for more information on trade.

Q:  When should I ask to bring an escort with me?

A:  This is sort of a difficult question to answer, but I will give you the basics from my point of view.
    If you are going to work with a individual photographer (meaning that he/she does not work for a large
    Or well known company) that you have never met or worked with before, you should at very least
    Ask if it is ok to bring an escort with you (even if you don’t actually plan to bring one.)  If the photographer
     says no for any reason, than walk away. A photographer with nothing to hide should have no problem with
     you bringing an escort with you.  The photographer may ask that they wait in another room, and I would
     say that is okay as long as they are within hearing distance.  While on this subject, you should plan to bring
    only one escort with you.  The photoshoot is not a game or play time, even though it might be with an
    inexperienced photographer.
   Bringing more than one person with you can become very distracting to the photographer and yourself.
   Remember that you want the best possible photos.