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Types of modeling:

This is a list to help you understand what a photographer/agent is looking for
When they are asking for a “type” of modeling.  This list is what I personally
Look for when asking for a “type”  You should look around the Internet and also ask
The photographer/agent to explain before accepting a shoot.  Some of them are straight
Forward, and some of them have different interpretations depending on the person.
Casual-  jeans and a T-shirt/halter top/semi-dressy top.  Nothing special for hair and make-up

Fashion- Very dressed up.  Dresses and high heels.  Expect an artistic/experimental element.

Swimsuit-  Fairly straight forward.  If you have questions, ask.

Glamour/Lingerie-  This is a sexy type look.  I group these into the same category because they are
                            very similar.  You can expect to be wearing some type of sexy clothing.  The
                            clothing may be fully opaque or to some degree sheer.  When accepting this
                            type of shoot, you should be very clear with the photographer/agent of what
                             they are looking for and tell them where your comfort level is.

Implied Nude-  You will be Nude on set covering only your “important” parts with very little.  The photos
                      will not show nipples or pelvic area.   

Artistic Nude-  You are usually fully nude in an artistic setting and poses showing the curves and shape
                     of your body.